Coming Soon: Industrial-Grade DDR5

DDR5 is on the horizon. Early movers are already developing new products around this next-generation technology that boosts four times the capacity and double the speed of its predecessor. Hyperscalers are slated as the likely early adopters, but in the long term, 5G, deep learning, AI, edge computing, smart medical, supercomputing, and mission-critical applications will all benefit.

DDR5 Overview

The JESD79-5 DDR5 SDRAM specification lays out the benefits of DDR5, including:

Higher capacity & Faster transfer

Higher capacity & Faster transfer

Up to 128GB DIMM maximum capacity (32GB available now) & Up to 6400MT/s maximum transfer speed (4800MT/s available now)



Voltage lowered from 1.2V

Dual-subchannel DIMM

Dual-subchannel DIMM

Offer two independent 32-bit data channels, doubling the effective bandwidth



Power management moved to DIMM

Key feature differences between DDR4 and DDR5:

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Industrial-Grade DDR5

Positive Market Outlook

The shift to DDR5 has taken longer than expected, but signs are good that large-scale adoption should begin by Q4 2021. The Intel® Alder Lake processors, set to debut in November, will support both DDR4 and DDR5, so it will be up to end users which they choose. This bodes well for those looking to get an early jump into the market for the next era of networking, edge-computing, and AIOT.

Industrial-Grade Memory

Innodisk, as the leader in industrial-grade memory solutions, will continue to produce industry-leading quality products to meet our customers’ needs. Innodisk’s DDR5 DRAM benefits from our many years of industry expertise to offer products with the same quality you’ve come to expect.

DDR5 RDIMM & SODIMM will be available in Q4 2021

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