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Innodisk's recently released CAN bus expansion cards are fueling new opportunities in unmanned vehicles. The industrial CAN bus modules provide the wide temperature support, electrical protection, and high layer protocol support required to meet next-generation unmanned vehicles’ demanding hardware performance requirements.

Positive Market Outlook

The market outlook for CAN bus devices is bright, with Fortune Business Insights predicting a CAGR of 12.23% in the UAV segment. This growth is driven in part by the increasing integration of autonomous vehicle technologies in multiple sectors, including major market verticals like agriculture, logistics and warehousing, transportation, mission critical, and others.

Driving Higher Technological Demand

Innodisk is leading the pack with its complete lineup of industrial-grade CAN bus expansion modules. On the hardware side, the CAN bus modules can tolerate the wide temperature range typical of industrial use applications and have 2.5KV isolation protection, providing the assurance needed for harsh and unpredictable environmental conditions. To keep ahead of the pack, Innodisk CAN bus expansion cards also support the high-layer protocols essential for current and future innovation, namely CANopen and SAE J1939

Comprehensive CAN Lineup

With this latest release, Innodisk now boasts a complete range of CAN bus modules suitable for most CAN bus applications, so integrators and engineers can take advantage of the best technology available for developing their CAN bus solutions.

Product Features

•  Designed for harsh environment
•  Support SAE J1939 and CANopen
•  Hardware-software integration
•  All major form factors available


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