Make the Future Now – AIoT for a Smart World

AIoT is not an upcoming future anymore,
it can enhance our personal lives and businesses in all aspects.

However, building smart systems often suffered enterprise a lot
from the consolidation of edge devices & cloud services.

Innodisk is the world's leading provider that specialize in
AIoT and integration of hardware, firmware and software solutions.
With our Absolute Service™, Innodisk brings AIoT to the present.  

Our Success Stories

Smart Automation

Intelligent solutions make automation better and more efficient than ever before.

Smart Services

With smart services, businesses are able to bring better customer experiences to virtually all aspects of life.

Smart Infrastructure

AIoT-powered infrastructure is one of the key building blocks of the smart cities of tomorrow.

Smart Security

Smart security solutions help improve security everywhere —without sacrificing convenience.

Selection Guide

Check out our Selection Guide for the latest flash storage, DRAM, embedded peripherals, and software solutions.

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