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Blockchain is a fairly new technology where many market actors are exploring new and innovative usages. The emerging field of AIoT is one of the areas that stands to greatly benefit from Blockchain, yet there are obstacles that must first be overcome.

The all-in-one solution to meet four main challenges - InnoBTS™ SSD

     Bandwidth Expansion

Current Challenges
With a bandwidth limit of 15 transmissions a second and lagging upload times, standard blockchain is unable to handle the requirements of AIoT applications

With InnoBTS SSD
The SSD packs IoT data into a small hash string that is added to the chain. This allows large amounts of data to be compressed thus greatly reducing the needed transmissions 

    Data Privacy

Current Challenges
Material uploaded to the blockchain is visible to all people, as the tamper-proof nature of blockchain inherently makes data privacy difficult

With InnoBTS SSD
The hash string is created using a private key only available to the sender. Only the incomprehensible hash string is visible to outsiders. However, the SSD uses hardware-based digital signature allowing everyone on the chain to easily verify the sender


Current Challenges
The cost of data storage increases with the amount of data moved according the blockchain fee, potentially turning large-scale operation into an expensive venture

With InnoBTS SSD
The issue of the blockchain fee is largely mitigated by using hash strings, meaning only a minimal amount of data is uploaded. Additionally, by having all functions integrated in the SSD, the system integrator saves substantial costs by avoiding software implementation and compatibility issues 

     Data Management

Current Challenges
The amount of data on the blockchain is enormous, making data search and data analysis extremely inefficient

With InnoBTS SSD
The database on the chain consists of hash strings that are easily accessed and analyzed, thus simplifying data management operations

The Solution

The InnoBTS elegantly solves the issues of bandwidth, cost, and management by packing the IoT data into a short hash that is added to the chain. This small-sized hash string is created by the SSD itself and circumvents the problems by compressing data and reducing transmissions, while also simplifying data searches and analysis. Lastly, software-independent digital signature ensures that everything uploaded can be easily verified while the data itself is only visible as an incomprehensible hash string. Only the sender has the private key needed to extract the data from the hash string.




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