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How to manage 500 billion IoT devices?

Cisco projects that there will be 500 billion IoT devices in the world by 2030, a ten-fold increase from the 50 billion IoT devices in 2020. But how do you manage so many devices? How do you make device management economically feasible?

No problem. Just use fail-safe remote management!

The ASUS-IoT PE200U edge computer featuring Innodisk’s intelligent InnoAGE SSD.
Innodisk combines its edge expertise with AIoT ecosystem partner ASUS-IoT to launch innovative edge solutions ready for the next 500 billion IoT devices and beyond. With simple and cost-efficient remote device management, it doesn’t matter if you’re in charge of a handful of devices or a vast IoT infrastructure – maintaining exceptional uptime at a low cost is easy.

ASUS-IoT PE200U With Innodisk InnoAGE’s Unique Benefits

Fail-safe remote management
InnoAGE’s remote management capabilities allow recovery even if the system has crashed.
Industrial excellence
Truly industrial solution that combines ASUS-IoT and Innodisk’s industrial-grade expertise.
Smart cloud console
Easy to manage through ASUS-IoT’s IoT Cloud Console, powered by Innodisk technology.
Fortified security
Secure hardware and software technologies combined with Microsoft’s Azure Sphere Security Service.


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