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When your valuable data and your reputation for uptime are at stake, device failure is not an option. You need a remote management solution that puts the best available tools at your fingertips – with no compromises.


What is Dual-band Management?

Both regular in-band management, as well as out-of-band management for when the edge device is no longer responding.


In-band: iCAP
Innodisk’s cloud management platform, iCAP, provides easy access to remote monitoring and management of edge devices and their components. This management product collects and processes data, sends reports, and issues alerts.

Out-of-band: InnoAGE™
Innodisk’s out-of-band management-enabled flash storage device, InnoAGE™, enables multifunctional management: smart data analysis, data security and security updates, as well as remote control through the cloud – backed by the power of Microsoft Azure Sphere for enhanced security and reliability, even if the device has crashed.

Customization for Enterprise Private Clouds:

Allows customized solutions for enterprise private clouds.

No More Unscheduled Downtime

DFI’s RemoGuard is based on Innodisk’s iCAP and InnoAGE™ management technologies, providing the world’s most comprehensive device management system – reducing your maintenance staffing costs and response times, and preventing service downtime with features like real-time monitoring, in-time alerts, and one-click recovery.

Bringing the Best Together

RemoGuard maximizes efficiency in IoT device operations and remote management, overcoming challenges in IoT and Industry 4.0. RemoGuard provides a full-service remote management solution that enables quick remote OS recovery – powered by DFI and Innodisk.



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