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The future of computing lives on the edge. With AIoT, 5G, and the exponential growth of connected devices, edge computing presents businesses with enormous business opportunities and exciting new ways to innovate.

Edge Computing Applications

Gartner predicts that the share of enterprise-generated data created and processed at the edge will reach 75 percent by 2025, up from 10 percent in 2018. This monumental growth in edge data processing requires businesses to equip their edge devices with memory modules optimized for processing vast amounts of data at a blistering pace in any environment.

Innodisk designed its DDR4-3200 DRAM lineup to deliver the breakneck speeds and ruggedness required by demanding edge computing applications—enabling businesses to develop innovative edge solutions and paving the way for the future of computing.


Innodisk’s Industry-leading DDR4-3200 DRAM

Addressing All High-performance Memory Needs

The new DDR4-3200 lineup combined with Innodisk’s DDR4-2933 series fulfill performance demands across platforms and industries—presenting businesses with ample opportunity to capitalize on the future of edge computing.

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Form Factor Capacity Standard Temperature (0~85°C) Sorting Wide Temperature (-40~85°C) True Wide Temperature (-40~85°C)
DDR4 3200MT/s SODIMM & UDIMM 4GB/8GB/16GB /32GB v v v
DDR4 3200MT/s ECC SODIMM & UDIMM 4GB/8GB/16GB v v v
DDR4 3200MT/s ECC SODIMM 32GB v v v
DDR4 3200MT/s ECC UDIMM 32GB Mid-August Mid-August Mid-August
DDR4 3200MT/s RDIMM 4GB/8GB/16GB /32GB v v -
DDR4 3200MT/s RDIMM VLP 16GB/32GB v v -

* “V”: Launched “-”: please contact your local sales representative


Innodisk Industrial Grade DDR4-3200 32GB Memory

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Industrial-grade DRAM module
Industrial Server

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