The server concept brings to mind large data centers filled with massive stacks where all our data ends up. But what we do don’t consider is that servers also exist out in the field handling everything from telecommunications, transportation, and surveillance. And with on-site analytics and AI, this trend will only grow bigger.

These so-called rugged servers at the edge face the same challenges as standard servers but with the added risks from their environment. This means withstanding vibrations inside vehicles, temperature variations and enduring non-stop operations in remote areas where maintenance is limited, and reliability is ensured, even in extreme temperatures.

High-performance memory is needed to handle the computational workload seen in these applications. With Innodisk’s newest 2666MT/s Wide Temperature RDIMM both performance and reliability is ensured, even in extreme temperatures.

And no matter the application, every server needs a boot up drive. This is where the OS and other critical startup files are stored. To avoid wasting a drive bay, these files should be stored on a separate device. Innodisk’s solution to this is compact and high-performance SSD that can be installed through M.2, SATA and OCuLink connectors on the motherboard – putting both SATA and PCIe Gen3 options on the table in multiple, compact form factors.

For maximum data integrity, the new Server Boot Card provides RAID 0/1 support with dual M.2 PCIe Gen3 SSDs. By mirroring the drives, data is further protected and read speed is increased.

Ruggedized for a Rough World
  • Robust and wide temperature components designed for harsh environments
  • Cable-less and solid connection through innovative design for SATADOM® and OCuLinkDOM™
When Size Matters 
  • Whether DRAM or SSD, Innodisk offers various and small-sized form factors to ensure an easy fit and optimal air flow
  • M.2 cards in all sizes, 2242, 2260, 2280, and 22110
  • Enabling easy I/O expansion through standard M.2 and mPCIe form factors
Maintaining Data Integrity
  • Registered industrial-grade memory ensures data integrity in tough situations
  • RAID support for PCIe SSD now available
Product Highlights
DRAM Module



Flash Storage

OCuLinkDOM 3ME2   Server Boot Card

M.2 (S80) 3IS2-P  M.2 S80 3IS4

Embedded Peripherals
M.2 Display   M.2 LAN

M.2 Serial   xxxx

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