IoT in the transportation sector is set to grow four-fold in the period from 2015 to 2020. This rapid growth is spurring the trend of moving more computational power to the edge of the IoT infrastructure.

For the transportation industry, this means more devices onboard buses and trains, on the stations, and along the physical infrastructure where we move people and cargo. This includes surveillance and security, digital signage, ticketing machines, fleet management, and in-vehicle systems. These applications need to withstand the stresses of climatic change, vibration and shock, as well as maintaining stability and communication when power fluctuates. Furthermore, this many devices requires smart management and timely maintenance.

Innodisk’s iCAP™ is the perfect solution to the rapidly growing number of edge devices. iCAP will provide you with a platform that links to all your connected devices, no matter where they are located. Being browser-based, it lets the operator evaluate the current status of every device and components. In doing so, it drastically simplifies maintenance planning while also lowering TCO.

Surveillance is not only there for security purposes, but it is essential to handle any unforeseen circumstances that might arise. Rugged memory, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) expansion cards, and the optimized InnoREC™ SSD series will ensure a smoothly running surveillance system.

Innodisk now also provides industrial-grade 3D NAND and NVMe PCIe SSDs. These SSD series are available in various form factor to suit small platform requirements. In addition, these storage devices can be fitted with iPower Guard™, iData Guard™ and iCell™ technologies that protects your data from unstable power supply incidents.

DRAM can be fitted with Conformal Coating and Side-Fill to strengthen the modules and defend against contaminants. Anti-Sulfuration measures can be added to further safeguard against sulfur contamination.

Onboard communication needs to be both rugged and stable. Implementing Serial and CANbus cards is an efficient way of expanding your platform and readying it for transportation applications. All Innodisk expansion cards are equipped with wide temperature capabilities.

Physical Robustness
  • Wide temperature DRAM, Flash and Expansion Cards that can operate in ranges from -40° to 85°C
  • Modules that can withstand both shock and vibration
Withstanding Harsh Environments 
  • Conformal coating that further strengthens your DRAM modules defense against the environment
  • Anti-Sulfuration protection for DRAM. Implemented free-of-cost on all DDR4 Modules
  • The trio of iPower Guard™, iData Guard™ and iCell™ protects against all power fluctuations
Strengthening Your System
  • Extensive surveillance solutions with InnoREC and PoE expansion cards
  • Small form factors that easily fit on any small-scale platform
  • iSLC/ SLC flash solution available for any high-endurance application
Cloud Management  
  • Easily monitor all connected devices through the browser-run iCAP™ management tool
  • Can be linked up both through the cloud and on-premise
  • Simplify management and lower associated costs
Product Highlights

iPower Guard, iData Guard, iCell

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iPower Guard, iData Guard, iCell

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M.2 NVMe PCIe  
End-to-End Data Path Protection

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DDR4 Series
Anti-Sulfuration and Conformal Coating

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CANbus Module 
USB to dual isolated CANbus

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Serial Module
Rugged, isolated serial expansion cards

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iCAP is an intelligent monitoring tool perfectly suited for the new challenges of AIoT.

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