After Intel® announced M.2 as their next generation form factor, there has been a steady migration from the older mPCIe cards. This new form factor is instrumental for new IoT application as more and more platforms are adopting it as their main port.

To stay ahead of the curve, Innodisk has launched comprehensive M.2 solutions for both data storage and embedded expansions. This complete series includes 2230, 2242, 2260, and 2280 form factors that support both B and M key configurations, thus ensuring compatibility with the newest platforms on the market.

Innodisk M.2 solid state drives (SSD) are offered in a wide variety of models. The SATA III interface is a true and tested solution for standard applications, while PCIe 3.0 is the go-to for systems requiring exceptional performance. Furthermore, extensive firmware customization is also available: the M.2 SSD can be optimized for server and security environments, and it is also available with the newest 3D NAND flash.

Innodisk can provide a complete set of M.2 expansion cards, including LAN, Serial, PoE, Disk Array, and SATA interface. The expansion cards are thoroughly tested and certified to withstand extreme thermal, electrical and mechanical stress, and all support wide temperature specifications. We can help you integrate and quickly expand I/O port solutions for space-constrained applications such as small PCs and fan-less systems.

Innodisk’s comprehensive M.2 storage and expansion solutions are the perfect fit for the next generation of IoT devices.

Flexible Interface Design
  • Available with both B and M key configuration
  • Supports both SATA and PCIe interfaces
Compact with Many Features
  • M.2 packs a lot of performance in a small form factor and is available with all of Innodisk’s features, making it perfect for space-constrained applications
Complete Series
  • The Innodisk M.2 cards are available in 2230, 2242, 2260 and 2280 form factors
  • Supports SLC, iSLC and MLC flash
Various Expansions
  • LAN, Serial, PoE, Disk Array, and SATA interface expansion cards
Ready for Extreme Temperatures
  • Tested and approved for industrial temperature ranges, −40°C to 85°C



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