The Innodisk Cloud Administration Platform (iCAP™ ) is designed to solve the many challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation. The platform is deployable through both the internet and local intranets, providing intuitive and easily accessible device management.

According to industry experts, the number of connected devices will reach 50 billion by 2020. At the same time, the trend of automation means that fewer and fewer people are tasked with operation and maintenance of said devices. During this timespan, hard disk drives (HDD) will be replaced by solid state drives (SSD) as the go-to storage medium. However, even though SSDs are much more robust and significantly faster, due to the inherent workings of NAND flash cells, lifespan is still limited. Thus the main challenge is how to enable a single operator to effectively monitor a rapidly increasing amount of devices, and perform timely maintenance and replacements.

iCAP is perfectly equipped to handle these challenges. It will gather data from all connected devices and make it easily accessible to the user. Being browser-run, iCAP is cross-platform accessible with online access, allowing for easy monitoring no matter where the user is located. The browser-accessed dashboard is also customizable, enabling the operator to create a unique user-experience.

iCAP also offers thorough analysis of each device; estimating remaining SSD lifespan, system information, and other potential issues. The user can thus easily stay on top of operations and carry out maintenance in a timely manner.

Wide Coverage
  • Compatible with devices running on both Linux and Windows
  • Agent API available for external sensors and I/O devices
Intuitive UX
  • iCAP can be run on a long list of supported web browsers
  • Cross-platform accessibility with online access
Flexible Deployment
  • iCAP is deployable on both the cloud and on-premise
Effective Event Tracker
  • All changes will be tracked, keeping the user up to speed
  • Enables swift resolution of any issue that might occur
System Backup and Recovery
  • iCAP incorporates Innodisk’s iCover tool, enabling remotely initialized system backup and recovery



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