With a small form factor and a cable-less integration our new SATADOM Server Boot-Up Drives are an easy fit for any server application. In addition, the modules integrate LDPC error correction and in-house developed data retention algorithms – ensuring solid performance compared to traditional boot-up solutions.

The Server Boot-Up Drives implement evolved firmware algorithms that greatly extends data retention. It also utilizes LDPC error correcting code and integrates Marvell controllers, ensuring high performance and extended longevity.

For an even simpler integration, Innodisk’s proprietary Cable-less SATA Power enables Vcc power through a dedicated pin. The pin also makes the connection more robust while simultaneously allowing for a completely cable-less integration. The SATADOM also allows for a multitude of power cable solutions if so needed.

The size of the SATADOM form factor is smaller than 1U, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any server setup. Since SATADOM has made a name for itself in the market, many of the major server board providers already offer products designed with independent SATADOM connectors for server boot-up applications.

The SATADOM boot drives meet all endurance requirements for VMware’s vSphere and is also certified for Windows Server 2016.
Optimized Firmware
  • SSD settings can be adjusted to initiate regular block updates to ensure data integrity
  • LDPC ensures higher ECC reliability and longer product lifespan
Multiple Power Sources
  • Fully cable-less integration with Vcc supplied through proprietary Pin 7/Pin 8 connectors
  • Side pin ensures firm connection to the motherboard
  • A multitude of power cable solutions are also available
iSLC Endurance (3IS4)
  • Allover higher endurance for high random access usage applications
  • Higher performance than traditional MLC products
Small Form Factor
  • Small form factor for easy integration
  • Height less than 1U
  • Supports VMware virtualization software for server virtualization and cloud server applications
  • Meets the vSphere boot drive TBW recommendations
Windows Server 2016 / Hyper V
  • Meets the Microsoft standards for compatibility and recommended practices with the Windows Server 2016 operating system (WHCK/WHQL certified)
  • Fully supported in Hyper-V environment
Linux OS
  • Our server boot series is tested and verified for various Linux operating systems
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