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iPower Guard™ Technology

Many remote applications are operating under uncertain power supply conditions. This can lead to system crashes during startup and shutdown, and potentially damage the SSD. iPower Guard™ is a sophisticated technology that safeguards your SSD and prevents power instability from affecting your system.

When Reacting is Not Enough
Most power stability features focus on mitigating power loss incidents when they happen. iPower Guard™, on the other hand, goes further with preventive measures that safeguard the SSD during both startup and shutdown. This means that most power instability is solved without you even noticing!
iPower Guard™ by Innodisk
End-to-End Solution
iPower Guard™ works perfectly on its own. But the greatest protection possible is in combination with our power loss protection technologies, iData Guard™ and iCell™. Together these technologies can handle any power supply issue that might arise!
Innodisk power loss protection technologies

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