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End-to-End Data Path Protection

End-to-End Data Path Protection (ETEP) is a method that ensures the data integrity on every single step from the moment the data enters the SSD from the host until it leaves. ETEP safeguards the data through utilizing error correction code (ECC) at every data transfer point.

Covering Every Pathway
There are several data transfer points within the SSD itself! After the data reaches the controller from the host, it will be handled by either the embedded SRAM or the separate DRAM chip before finally being stored in the NAND flash. This operation is of course opposite when retrieving data.
SSD Data Pathway
Fixing the Inevitable Errors
Errors during data transfer are bound to happen. To solve this, error correcting code (ECC) is implemented at every data transfer point. This means that errors are detected and rectified before you even noticed it was there! Additionally, LDPC is implemented between the flash and the controller buffer.
Erro Correction Code and LDPC
Smooth Operation in Critical Environments
When a stream of data moves along the infrastructure of the SSD, errors will pop up and can in severe cases lead to system crashes. This is were ETEP steps in and corrects unforeseen errors to ensure smooth operation in even the harshest environments.
End-to-end data protection, ETEP

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