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Storing Data Write Protection

With the write protect feature you can easily safeguard the data stored on your flash device, SSD drive by triggering the read-only function. This security measure will effectively stop any tampering or other malicious use of your device.

Full Hardware Lock-down

Write protect is easily enabled on our SSDs. Innodisk's write protection devices are designed with general purpose input/output pins (GPIO) that can easily be triggered with a jumper. This acts as a safeguard that protects the data on your device from being altered.
Full Hardware Lock-down Write Protect by Innodisk

Software Triggered Protection

We know that physically accessing the hardware is not always that easy! So in addition to the hardware solution, Write Protect can also be triggered through software. By customizing the firmware of the flash module, we offer secure write protect that is triggered through ATA command.
Software Triggered Protection by Innodisk

Ensuring Full Compliance

With high risks and high rewards, applications such as casino gaming have strict regulations in place to protect both the operator and the customer. This also includes storage devices. With our experienced firmware team, we can offer tailor-made solutions that are in full compliance with all relevant regulations.
Write Protect with Full Compliance

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