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InnoOSR’s patented firmware technology enables truly next-level recovery ideal for applications that can afford little downtime.

Recovery with a Single Click
InnoOSR’s unique architecture allows operators to restore InnoOSR SSD drive to a working state with a single click of a (physical) button – or through other innovative ways depending on how the operator integrates InnoOSR in their application.
 Remote Management from Anywhere
Low Cost, Full Recovery
Innodisk designed InnoOSR to deliver lightning-fast recovery with minimal overhead. Fully independent of the operating system, the cloud, or any other proprietary solution, InnoOSR is a no-fuss SSD Recovery technology that is simply great at what it does.
Always One Step Ahead
Flexibility Like No Other
InnoOSR’s brilliantly simple architecture allows system integrators to use it in new and innovative ways. InnoOSR’s powerful recovery is initiated with a GPIO signal – from something as simple as a button or a complex and unique new system. Innovation is easy with InnoOSR.
 360-degree Security from Edge to Cloud

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