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Cloud Recovery

Our cloud recovery solutions enable operators to recover devices remotely through the cloud – no matter the severity of the device failure.

In-band Cloud Recovery
Innodisk’s cloud administration platform, iCAP, combined with Innodisk hardware provides a super-fast and reliable cloud recovery solution. Device failures are detected in no time, and operators can use iCAP to return devices to normal wherever they and their devices are.
 Remote Management from Anywhere
Out-of-band Cloud Recovery
Innodisk’s out-of-band-enabled flash storage devices feature advanced integrated hardware and firmware technologies that enable full device recovery – remotely with iCAP – even when the entire operating system has crashed.
Always One Step Ahead
Any Cloud
Innodisk’s cloud recovery solutions are perfect for any operating environment and support public clouds, private clouds, as well as on-premise deployment for maximum flexibility and uncompromised security.
 360-degree Security from Edge to Cloud
Secured Cloud
All Innodisk’s cloud recovery solutions are fortified with excellent 360-degree security that ensures that data and devices are protected from external threats and that only authorized personnel can initiate device recovery.
Always One Step Ahead

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