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Under Feature Sets :

InnoRobust™ Data Security

The InnoRobust™ Data Security set comprises several technologies aimed at quickly and efficiently erasing and destroying data that is in danger of being compromised.

Security Erase

Security Erase efficiently wipes data from any storage device when executed, and is compliant with all relevant military standards for data erasure. The erasure can be executed both through shortening the Security Erase Pin and through ATA command.
security erase SSD by Innodisk


Destroy is the ultimate data erasure command. The protocol not only erases stored data, but also SSD information and firmware are completely removed and unrecoverable, rendering the device utterly unusable.
destroy SSD with a command

Physical Destroy

In a worst case scenario the user might have to swiftly ensure that the device and all data are completely destroyed. This is achieved by running a high voltage current through the module, frying the flash cells and completely wiping out all data.
physically destroy SSD with high voltage current

Quick Erase

Time is of the essence if your data is in danger of being compromised. When executed, Quick Erases will delete the data content of your SSD within a matter of seconds. It can be triggered by both shortening pins and by sending an ATA command.
quick erase SSD