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Our InnoRobust™ feature set is tailored specifically for the aerospace industry and particularly demanding applications. It comprises various technologies primarily aimed at strengthening module integrity and data safety.

Our InnoRobust™ products have built-in thermal sensors that scale back performance when the temperature reaches the threshold. The SSDs feature sustained sequential read/write operations of up to 200/170 MB/s and IOPS 4KB read/write operations of up to 3200/1700 MB/s. And by expanding the JEDEC  3µm gold finger specification to 30μ", our DRAM modules can easily withstand both scratches and other environmental damage.

All our DRAM and flash products are compliant with the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810G, and DRAM modules all confirm to, and surpass the JEDEC standard by 10mm for a more firm attachment to the motherboard.

In addition to the above mentioned, InnoRobust™ also includes these technologies:

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