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2018/11/05 | Press Release

Innodisk Enter Alliance with Subsidiaries and Partners to Bring AIoT into the Spotlight

Innodisk, along with partners and its four subsidiaries, are expanding into to the sectors where IoT intersects with AI to reach untapped potential

Taipei – October 24, 2018 – As a leading provider of industrial-grade storage and memory, Innodisk has devoted more and more resources into the development of AI in the industrial market. In order to further this goal, the company has now entered The AIoT Alliance along with subsidiaries and partners such as SuperMicro and IronYun.

The AIoT Alliance was announced at a conference held on Wednesday, October 17 that also showcased comprehensive solutions on smart city data storage, edge computing, software, analytics, cloud-management and more.

Innodisk’s role in the alliance is not only as a provider of storage and memory but as a responsible for allover AIoT integration. Following this commitment the company is adding a new business department named IPA (Intelligent Peripherals Appliance) to better facilitate the integration different roles in an AIoT ecosystem.

Of the partners, Innodisk subsidiaries comprises industrial GPU with Aetina; all-flash arrays provided by Accelstor; 5G wireless, high-speed communication solutions from Millitronic; and IoV and CAN solutions from Antzer.

Innodisk president Randy Chien has strongly encouraged this partnership and states: “As the leading industrial-grade storage provider our next step is the AIoT market which will be major business focus for the next few years. However, realizing AI in the industrial field requires not only expertise and technology, but also a deep understanding of different vertical markets. We believe that our alliance and the total integration from cloud to edge is essential to our clients.”

About Innodisk

Featured on Forbes’ Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion companies, Innodisk is a service-driven provider of flash memory, DRAM modules and embedded peripheral products for the industrial and enterprise applications. With satisfied customers across the embedded, aerospace and defense, cloud storage markets and more, we have set ourselves apart with a commitment to provide customizable, dependable solutions and unparalleled service.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Innodisk supports clients globally with engineering support and sales teams in mainland China, Europe, Japan, and the United States.

For more information about Innodisk, please visit https://www.innodisk.com


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