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Innodisk’s DDR4 3200 16GB RDIMM Wide Temperature module is a perfect solution for Autonomous Vehicle Server, providing high-speed transmission and withstand extreme temperatures in a harsh environment. Moreover, adding Conformal Coating Technology provides reliability under a moisture-based liquid cooling system.
Innodisk’s DDR4 16GB RDIMM DRAM offers a reliable solution for the challenges faced by electric vehicle (EV) charging monitoring systems, including grid security and uneven utiliz ation rate.
With the use of Innodisk’s industrial MicroSD cards, a major European manufacturer of smart driving devices was able to resolve their reliability issues, improve efficiency and accuracy, as well as improve security of sensitive data.
An Australian manufacturer of food packaging equipment for assembly line applications found a compact and enduring storage and memory solution through its partnership with Innodisk.
A European rail operator was looking to integrate a new monitoring and Wi-Fi system onboard, with the goal of enhancing customer experience and safety, as well as increasing connectivity.
A Chinese truck manufacturer approached Innodisk for a data recording solution for vehicles transporting hazardous materials. They were in need of a way to reliably store data as well as a way to connect to the onboard CANbus system to gather data from operations.

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