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Uncompromising Embedded Systems Application Solutions

Embedded systems application form an incredibly important but easily overlooked part of our daily lives. Every embedded system is dedicated to a specific task that vary greatly in size and complexity – it can be anything from something as simple as turning a street light on and off, to operating something as advanced as factory automation.

The factors that generally link these different applications together are rugged operating conditions and the need for compactness. But the unique challenges faced by every application are much more numerous, making customization the most crucial factor for the embedded system operator.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Whether it be size constraints, system limitations or firmware specifications, our dedicated support team will assist you all the way from inquiry to implementation, ensuring a custom solution that is just right for your application.

Flexible Integration

Implementing new embedded systems application means competing with already existing systems in constricted spaces. With a multitude of small-sized form factors with a high degree of compatibility, we can offer a compact solution that will fit any space-constrained application.

Industrial-grade Design

Embedded and industrial systems often see both high thermal and mechanical stress. We offer modules that can withstand high shock and vibration while at the same time sporting high thermal resilience. Being tightly integrated with other systems also involves a high risk for electromagnetic interference; this is easily mitigated with our isolated modules that offer reliable communication in challenging environments.

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