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Secure and Reliable Gaming Solutions that Play to Win

It is one of the largest entertainment industries; however, within the excitement of the flashing lights, spinning wheels and mesmerizing sounds of the casino world there is an uninterrupted flow of data. This seamless and silent operation is an essential part of having games run smoothly and ultimately keeping the customer satisfied.

A few key factors need to be in place for any gaming system to be successful. Two of them are reliability and security. Casinos offer their customers an opportunity to play and win. With non-stop excitement, their around the clock operations requires a reliable system that sustains the ability to attract business. Sometimes gaming machines that drive the customers to hit it big are at risk of tampering. Since this can potentially lead to large losses, measures such as write protect are crucial when securing the data. In addition, due to the strict gaming industry regulations placed on manufacturers, high performance solutions must be taken into consideration when designing the system.

Reliable and Proven Solutions

To ensure long lasting performance, we offer optimized firmware and solutions that are customized for gaming data storage applications. These specific applications benefit from a fixed configuration designed to maintain dependability. To meet the special requirements of the gaming industry, we offer solutions that support the longevity of these machines and devices.

Solid and Secure Infrastructure

Our storage products integrate proprietary firmware that partitions the storage space, making it easier to set up password protection and different authentication levels. Write protect functions, which prevent any changes to already stored data, are easily implemented through our proprietary iSMART software or other hardware switches.

Customized Approach to Strict Regulations

The casino industry is well regulated to protect both the industry and its customers. To meet these requirements, Innodisk has a dedicated firmware team to ensure your system meets the standards required.


  • Lottery ticket machines
  • Slot machines
  • Gaming servers
  • Electronic Roulette
  • Multiplayer Game Stations

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