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Data Integrity and National Security

Digitalization already permeates every layer of society and will only keep spreading at increasing rates. With this increasing number of digital platforms and ever larger amounts of data, there is however growing concerns for data safety – and nowhere is this more true than for matters of national security.

For the high risk, high stress environments witnessed by aerospace and defense applications, there are two challenges that stand out – namely the need for data security and device robustness. Data falling into the wrong hands can have drastic consequences for the safety of personnel and national security. High robustness is essential as operations take place in many of the most inhospitable environments on earth.

Surviving the Extremes

We keep your systems stable and operational in face of even the most extreme of environments. Our InnoRobust™ feature set comprises innovative design features and technologies that strengthen device integrity, making it able to withstand high mechanical and thermal stress, as well as power failure management that will prevent data loss in an unexpected power-loss situation.

Locked Down and Secured

Data not only needs to be reliably stored, but also needs to be securely protected in case devices are compromised. We offer a multi-layered protection against information leakage; AES 256-bit encrypted SSDs ensure that data is securely encrypted; and if data is in imminent danger of being lost, Erase and Destroy functions are in place to swiftly erase, or even physically destroy the data.


InnoRobust™ is fully compliant with the below Aerospace and Defense standards:
MIL-STD-810/G compliant
MIL-I-46058C compliant


  • Rugged Computers
  • Communication Systems
  • Combat Management Systems
  • Unmanned Vehicle Systems

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