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2018/07/06 | 新聞稿

MPCIe Module for IoT and Fleet Management

Innodisk (Taiwan) showed at Embedded World 2018 the EMUC-B202 module, which can be installed via mPCIe or USB pin header. It features ESD protection, wide temperature range, and galvanic isolation.

To meet the growing demands of IoT and fleet management, Innodisk has launched the EMUC-B202 expansion module. It supports the SAE J1939 protocols, and the CAN interface runs at 250 kbit/s. The rugged design and the specified wide temperature range (-40 °C to +85 °C) enable applications also for mobile machinery including military vehicles as well as marine navigation systems.

The EMUC-B202 comes with SocketCAN support (Photo: Innodisk)

The provided testing tool and sample code for both Windows and Linux allow smooth system integration. The API (application programming interface) downloadable from the My-Innodisk supports both Classical CAN with 29-bit data frames and SAE J1939-21. The layer-2 API on the two CAN interface allows configuring bit-rates from 100 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s.

The interface module comes with Linux, QNX, or Windows driver software. It can be connected to ARM- or X86-based host controllers. The product providing two CAN ports, and one USB interface measures 30 mm x 50,9 mm x 8,35 mm.

The termination resistors for the two CAN channels can be enabled and disabled by means of jumper (Photo: Innodisk)

Article courtesy of CAN in Automation (CiA): https://can-newsletter.org/hardware/host-interfaces/180307_mpcie-module-for-iot-and-fleet-management_innodisk

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