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The Advantages of Working with Innodisk

Innodisk is a very unique player in the industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage segment. We focus  on industrial embedded products, and everything we do is aimed at serving the needs of the industrial embedded market. Our team has the experience and expertise that comes directly from our focus on the industrial segment, and is bolstered by having our own firmware team and factory.

A Dedicated Firmware Team

Our in-house firmware team has years of customization experience. This means that we can respond quickly and accurately to customers’ requests and deliver tailor-made solutions that are highly reliable.

Our experienced in-house firmware development team delivers fast turnaround and knowledgeable support whenever firmware customization is required. Our team can help to improve system-level design, recommend the right form factor for specific applications, and even design certain features when required. By having our firmware team in-house, we can provide immediate technical support, including debugging, to our customers.

With a strong dedication to research and development, our firmware team is continuously making improvements to the implementation of products and is always working on the next generation of solutions. Because of our research and development capabilities, we can ensure that the reliability and performance of all of our flash memory products and DRAM modules for industrial applications is a top priority.


A Purpose-Built Factory

All Innodisk products are produced in our own industrial-grade factory. In specific, we utilize advanced production technology in both pre- and post-production to improve the protection of components.

Innodisk flash memory products and DRAM modules are produced in our own industrial-grade factory to ensure consistent product quality and to meet the standards of a wide range of industrial, military, and server applications. With own purpose-built memory production facility, we can provide flexible production that caters to our customers’ needs, as well as increase productivity, provide on-time delivery, and ensure a steady, continuous supply of products.

Our factories are operated and managed by a proprietary system, which was built from our own knowledge and experience in making customized production more efficient. We also run various testing processes to ensure compatibility with industrial applications. In fact, we continue to invest in leading-edge testing equipment and advanced machinery to ensure the highest level of quality testing.


Intellectual Property

We have produced more than 60 product design patents over the years, creating products and innovations that have delivered real improvements and benefits to industrial applications. And Innodisk will continue to focus on producing even more patents, in order to deliver even more improvements and benefits to a wider range of industrial applications. Our patents are currently registered in four countries: Taiwan, China, Japan, and the USA.

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