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December 2015

Medical Case Study
GPU Computing Solves Processing Challenges of 4D Ultrasound

The modern medical office works at breakneck speed with back to back appointments. For new technologies to be effective in this environment they need to be able to keep up with the pace. Results need to be turned around in minutes, not hours, to keep patients happy and offices running smoothly. As ultrasound technology has progressed, new forms of detailed 3D and even “4D” moving ultrasound video have been made possible resulting in better diagnosis, but could take hours of image processing on multiple server-class computers -- until now.

The Situation

The recent advances in ultrasound image processing techniques have allowed smooth 3D visualization for prenatal or diagnostic imaging. 4D ultrasound takes this one step further by doing multiple scans in real time to provide moving 3D ultrasound imagery. A global manufacturer of prenatal and diagnostic ultrasound equipment based in China was looking for a technology partner to help it create its latest featuring 4D ultrasound capability.

The Challenge

The 3D ultrasound imaging is extremely computationally intensive and to perform it in real time, requiring computing power beyond that of any general processor. As a reputed medical equipment provider, the company not only wanted a partner that can solve its compute performance.

The Solution

The Aetina M3N970M-MN was well integrated with the company’s proprietary COM Express based ultrasound system. It’s high computing performance and CUDA-complied advantage, providing finest solution for the customer need. Plus Aetina’s ability to work closely with them throughout their multi-year development process with hardware and firmware customization as well as Aetina promise for product longevity supply.

The Results

The Aetina M3N970M-MN completely met the high performance computing needs of our client’s 4D ultrasound equipment. The 1280 CUDA cores provided more than enough computing power to perform advanced 3D visualization of ultrasound data in real time using the latest phase shift harmonic imaging. Combining the advantage of its software based CUDA platform for rapid prototyping, and the extraordinary computing power of GPGPU computing, allowed the customer to provide additional image processing features including echo-enriched beam forming, structure detection, curved MPR, and much more, helping the customer distinguish their equipment from competitors, as well as forming product segmentation. Thanks to Aetina’s service commitment and technical support the customer enjoyed close collaboration throughout their development process with guidance on CUDA based development. With the upgradability of CUDA based computing and our product longevity support the ultrasound company could be confident that its equipment will have a long service life.

About Aetina

Founded in Taiwan, Aetina Corporation focus on providing longevity Industrial Graphics card and GPU board for embedded systems in Medical, Defense & Military, Aerospace, Transportation, Digital Signage, Video Surveillance, Casino Gaming, Measurement and many other industries.

With team has over a decade of graphics technical and product development experience, Aetina specializes in OEM/ODM tailoring products with integrated and timely service to meet customers requirement. Aetina prides itself on a unique vision of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) application market as well as the commitment to grow with the customers by delivering time-to-market advantage, reliable, long-term supply products and specialized service.