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InnoRobust® Feature Set

The InnoRobust® feature set delivers all the operational robustness and ruggedness needed in defense industry environments. In particular, the industrial embedded flash memory and DRAM products from Innodisk incorporating the InnoRobust® feature set are specially designed for aerospace and defense applications.



Rugged Design

Innodisk’s flash and DRAM storage products are compliant with the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810F/G, for operation in harsh environments. Our DRAM modules also extend the JEDEC SO-DIMM standard by 10 mm, for a more secure mount to the CPU board.


Conformal Coating

Our flash and DRAM storage products are compliant with the MIL-I-46058C silicone conformal coating standard for protection against moisture, dust, and chemicals.


Wide Temperature Range

RoHS compliant, our flash and DRAM storage products are protected against extreme weather conditions, remaining fully operational in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +85ºC.


Thermal Sensor

Innodisk flash and DRAM storage products have built-in thermal sensors to ensure data reliability and to prevent failures due to overheating.


 iCell Power Failure Management*

Our exclusive iCell technology uses buffer management to store data in volatile DRAM, to prevent the loss of valuable data during sudden power failures. Learn more about our proprietary technology. >>


Advanced Data Security*

For maximum protection, our comprehensive data security suite for SSDs includes quick erase (QEraser), security erase (SEraser), write protect, and self-destruct functions.


High Data Transfer Performance*

Our SSDs feature sustained sequential read/write operations of up to 200/170 MB/s and IOPS 4KB read/write operations of up to 3200/1700 MB/s.


Gold Finger 30µ"**

Our Gold Finger technology surpasses the JEDEC standard 3u” specification and delivers 30µ" pin width to DRAM modules for extra protection against scratches and environmental damage.


*  These features are available for embedded flash memory products only.

** This feature is available for DRAM modules only.